Thai Trinh Quality

We know products made by us better than anyone. At Thai Trinh, each staff is a well-trained QC. Quality is considered at every stage of our manufacturing process – from the product development stage to packing.

Quality Assurance begins in the development stage where technical team ensures that the specifications of each product meet our customers’ requirements. Quality Control occurs at each made stage of production – timber selection and conditioning, cutting, carcass construction, sanding, finishing, assembly and final packing. Our commitment to quality is evident in by our very low claim rates and customer satisfaction.

Good quality starts with good product development. Our Technicians work very closely with our design team so we make certain the products we will offer are very well studied. We are here to offer an excellent and systematic control of 100% of your order from Thai Trinh, with Thai Trinh you will get the quality that you expect
Our quality standard is based on zero returns. Thai Trinh is taking every possible precaution to ensure only the best product ships to the clients


Thai Trinh – Vietnam Furniture Manufacturer